What we can do?

Worldhand Technology has a wide selection of LED luminaire fixtures and Induction luminaire fixtures for indoor or outdoor lighting applications. We offer lighting for warehouse, office, ceiling, street, road, tunnel, high poles, football, baseball, tennis court and more.

LED high bay lights


High Bay Lights

Energy savings can extremely impact operation costs. Savings can be delivered through the installation of new efficient led high bay technologies which consume only 50% +/- of what the conventional lighting system consumes. Read more
LED trip proof lights

Non-Corrosive Fitting Optimus Series

LED Tri-proof

Non-Corrosive Optimus Series luminaires are vandal proof, making them perfect for applications where the possibility of vandalism is high. Such as subway stations, stairwells, hallways, schools etc.Read more

IP 66

LED Street Lights Moon Series

Moon street light is a nice Fluent line design, appropriate size, smooth body. Also, it has impressed details design such as Tool-free Open and Maintenance, Power-off Protection, angle adjustable spigot etc. Read More.

Case Studies

Our Induction lighting & LED lighting fixtures provide reduced maintenance costs and increased energy efficiency.

Induction street light case study

Roadway Induction Lighting

The roads throughout the Industrial Zone of Chengdu are being lit more efficiently through a more than 1,100-fixture conversion to Induction street lighting. Read more

Case Study Industrial Zone

High bay LED lighting Projects

LED high bay lighting helps the company save energy and maintenance costs. Read more

Tunnel Induction Lighting

The total cost of ownership for the Jinjiao Tunnel was too high due to the excessive cost of relamping in a tunnel application. Read more

High Bay LED Lighting

Equipped with our products, This facility reduced its lighting energy use by 69% whilst reducing its carbon emissions.Read more

LED Parking lot

LED high bay lighting helps the company save energy and maintenance costs.

LED Basket Ball project

LED Indoor Basket Ball Lighting

Indoor sports activities require substantial light levels and light quality, however, achieving this with old technology lighting systems is becoming very expense as the cost of energy is costing you a fortune. Read more.

The Worldhand Technology Competitive Advantages

Best Quality Service

We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality service. At WORLDHAND, we actually deliver.

Quick Shiping

Meeting your particular warehousing and fulfillment needs allows you to stay focused on growing your business.

Product Innovation

We are constantly seeking unique solutions and work to better understand end user and installer needs when designing lighting products.

Energy Audit

We offer turn-key solutions by providing on-site audits, pay-back and eligible regional incentive analyses and 3D lighting photometric layouts