Strong Financial Background

Strong R&D

Continuous investment in induction and LED

Good Quality and Commit delivery on time

We have a full range of induction lamps including Ring Series (40-300W), Rectangle series (40-400W), Ball Type (60-120W),Self-Ballasted (23-60W).This will help you fulfill most of your client’s requirement.
We have a great investment in the new product development each year.
Our ballasts are stable with very large tolerance to endure the instant increased load.
We have developed several series of lighting fixtures. This will help you to be different in the market.
We have a reasonable and scientific design on the ballast. Also most the electric components are bought from famous companies like Toshiba.
We have extremely strict QC test, IN process QC on each production line.
We have imported ICT test machine to control the fake soldering and bad soldering.
All the lamps need to be aging in the factory for at least 4 hours.
We have a professional technical team to provide constant support on the technology and product.

We will provide 2% ballast as spares for each order in case of failures. This is not only a promise, but also an action.
We will response the end users’ special requirement with fastest speed.
We will response to the problems found by the end users in the shortest time and provide reasonable and practical technical solutions.
We will provide professional technical support and instructions both in induction technology and lighting designs.

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