Energy Saving Calculation

Project Motor City Car Park

Energy-saving Calculation
Project Overview
Towers with car park areas, the current use of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps 36W, lamps for 2×36W double-tube waterproof lights, the number of 128 sets.

Total lamp power used:

128 sets×2pcs/sets×36W/pc=72KW

Current Traditional fluorescent lamps

First, energy-saving lighting design introduction

The existing lighting fixtures are ordinary tri-proof fluorescent lamps, and the energy-saving lighting design scheme uses a garage-specific LED dimming tri-proof lamp. Common fluorescent lamps have high power consumption, relatively low life expectancy, and maximum brightness when the garage is empty. Many power consumptions are completely unnecessary. And the fluorescent lamp’s lifespan only with one year.
The garage-dedicated LED dimmable tri-proof lights has features such as low power consumption, low light attenuation, long life, and intelligent brightness adjustment, which greatly saves power consumption.
We will give 5 years warranty worldhand Tri-proof led linear lights.

2.2 Garage special LED dimming tri-proof lights features

  • 1. Full wattage: 36W
    2. Dimming watt: 10W
    3. Luminaire length: 1200mm
    4. Lifespan ≥50000H
    5. Motion sensor: Radar or infrared
    6. Lumen efficacy> 120Lm/W
    7. Start method: Instant start
    8. Sensing range ≤8m
LED Linear lights

Working principle:

Normal power is 10W, to ensure a minimum illumination, convenient for people to observe objects or vehicles from a distance. When a person or vehicle enters the 8m range of the lamp, the lamp is automatically adjusted to full power 36W to meet the lighting needs. When the person is far from the lamp 8m, the lamp is automatically adjusted to normal power 10W. According to the frequency of the flow of people and vehicles in public places, the average lamp consumes about 13W.

Garage Dedicated LED Dimming Lamps Working Power Table:

Table 1 LED fluorescent energy-saving replacement power table

2.4 Comparison and Analysis of Illumination before and after Energy Saving Renovation

2.4.1 1 Comparison of illumination before and after regional energy-saving transformation
Existing lamps and lanterns due to the use of years and light failure, garage illumination is relatively dim, Figure 1 is a garage site photos. Figure 2 shows a real shot of a garage that has used a garage-specific dimming fluorescent lamp. The illuminance is bright when all the lamps are fully powered. When no one is walking around, low power work of the lamp can also ensure the lighting requirements of the monitoring equipment.

Figure 1: Existing fixtures for underground garage

Figure 2: Remodeled garage real shot photos

Analysis of illumination intensity of underground garage energy-saving scheme
Scenario: Illumination is very bright when all the lamps are fully powered. When working at low power, it can fully guarantee the lighting requirements of the monitoring equipment.

Energy efficiency analysis

The actual total power consumption of the lamps used in the garage is 7.424KW, and the total power consumption of the energy-saving design scheme is 0.896KW. The energy saving ratio is 87%. Save power 6.528KW.

Calculate the electricity consumption every year with an average of 24 hours per day:


The LED Linear light is 50,000 hours lifespan min 5 years warranty.

Then total 5 years energy saving:


Basic local DEWA(Electricity& Water Authority) Tariff 44.5 fils/Kwh

Total energy saving cost is AED 12,723,724.8.00 Basic 1$=3.65AED

Total energy saving is USD3,485,952.00

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Analysis of Recycling Period for Energy Saving Reform

The cost of retrofitting lighting materials is as follows:

Energy-saving Calculation and ROI

The investment payback period is 24 hours per day with lights:
$4096 in renovation costs, $3,485,952.00 in electricity savings with 50000 hours lifespan
Total saving 5 years=$3,485,952.00
Total saving 1 years=$697190.4
Total saving 1 month=$58099.20
So initial cost of LED and Installation =$4,608.00
So diving by per month saving $4096/58099.20=0.07months will be paid back.

Above Energy Saving Calculation for motion sensor dimming led linear lights (3) only basic a smaller quantity LED lights replacement if the quantity as more as much saving and then will be paid back in a short time.

Garage renovation project cases

Shanghai Century Sea view City Underground Garage
1470 sets of retrofit lamps and 20,000 m2 garage area
1470 sets of retrofit lamps and 20,000 m2 garage area

Shanghai Huiyang Plaza underground garage
Number of luminaires retrofitted 960, garage area 11000m2

Shanghai Waterfront Blue Bridge Underground Garage
3200 sets of lighting retrofits, garage area 32000m2

Shanghai Railway Station underground garage
7800 sets of retrofit lamps, 70,000 square meters of the garage area