Does the induction lights is really up to 100,000 hours?

Yes, now the induction lamps is not new technology, develop over 20 years, Worldhand admitted to use the top quality components of the ballast to make the induction lamp long-life span.

What is the lowest operating temperature for the induction lamps?

Worldhand with a special design of the generators to make the lowest operating temperature start at  below 35°c.

Do the induction lamps need a dedicated fixtures?

Yes, due to the operating and thermal requirements the system needs to be properly installed in a suitable fixture

Why chosen induction lights?

For most of indoor and outdoor lighting, the induction light have many advantages than other transitional lights, it’s cheapest, installation easy and maintenance free

Do the induction lamps be dimmable?

Yes, our lamps can be dimmable with 0-10v.

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