LF induction lamp 5 years or 100,000hours warranty.

  • High power factor> 0.99, low loss, high efficacy and energy saving;
  • High Color rendering , CRI> 85;
  • Very high energy efficiency: LF induction lamp>80lm/W;
  • Working frequency: LF:230KHZ;
  • Stable light output , lumen stability >95% within 2000hour;
  • No flicker, soft light to protect your eyesight;
  • Wide range of Color temperature: 2100K-6500K;
  • Cold light source, bulb surface less than 100 temp ;
  • Solid mercury lower than in fluorescent lamp, less than the 5mg international standard;
  • Using the special CMOS chip technique ,instant start, working temp -35°C;
  • Ballast specially designed to protect the circuit, protection;
  • Wide range of power supply, stable output, without any influence of voltage wave.

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