How magnetic induction lamp work ?

How induction work

The Electronic ballast generates a low frequency current(230khz). When the low frequency current flows through the metal coils around the ferrite cores, then inductive electric field is produced around a gas-filled glass tube and the gas is discharged.

The induction coil produces a very strong magnetic field which travels through the glass and excites the mercury atoms in the interior which are provided by a pellet of amalgam (a solid form of mercury). The mercury atoms emit UV light and, just as in a fluorescent tube, the UV light is up-converted to visible light by the phosphor coating on the inside of the tube. The system can be considered as a type of transformer where the inductor is the primary coil while the mercury atoms within the envelope/tube form a single-turn secondary coil.

1. There are no electrode and filament
2. Capacitance temperature resist ,and voltage resist
3.Selected film capacitance, resistance and crystal diode
1. Long lifespan due to the lack of electrodes-between 60,000 and 100,000 hours depending on the lamp mode
2. Stable light output, lumen stability>95% within 2000hours
3. Specially suitable for the shake circumstance
1. Lower the cost of replacing light
No maintenance charge
2. Without the problem of stopping production and traffic causing by maintenance
3. Saving the consumption of resource, energy saving
1. Light efficacy 150PLM/W
2. Power factor 0.99
3. IC control electric ballast
With less power can get more light efficacy At the same light ,saving electric charge of 90%,75% and 50%,comparing with gas discharge lamp and fluorescent lamp
Magnetic inductionLamp temp is low, produce less heat1. Reducing the cost of air condition
2. Saving the cost of producing lampshade
Working voltage: AC:220V/277V/110V-277V; DC:12V/24VWide range of applicationEnsure safety ,Standardization
Wide range of voltage,
Working at low temperature
Excellent quality of lightEasy to installation and use easily
Wide range of temp full spectrum
Supply different color of light, white light close to sunlight
No flicker
Protect eyesight
Improve the safety
Improve the working efficiency
Improve the environment of working and shopping
Solid mercury reducing the content of mercury in bulbNo liquid mercury that can hurt people healthHealthy and Green
Harmonic component content reach the international standardLess danger to circuit safetyProtect the safety of power system
Magmatic compatible reach the international standard Less magnetic interfereMake sure the equipment working safely

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