Induction High bay Lights DXGC003

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Induction High bay Lights DXGC003



Packing size: 600×600×670mm(only for reference)



Die cast aluminum gear box ensures excellent durability; Heat sinks on both sides of the top gearbox provides excellent heat dissipation Performance;

High temperature resistance Poly-carbonate lampshade, high reactivity and stable optical property; Poly-carbonate cover, excellent light transmission performance.

Lamp and Ballast: 80-300W Round induction lamps, high lighting efficiency, long lifetime, good color rendering, stable output, ect. Electronic ballast features high power factor (>0.99); Installation Height: 5-15M.


High bay fixture Application: Stadium, workshop, warehouse, airport, railway station, gas station, amusement park, exhibition hall, supermarket etc.


Sample Dimensions:

High bay sngc003d


Sample Photometric:

High bay sngc003p

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