Induction Tunnel Lights
Aplication: Tunnel, gas station, toll station, trestle, underground parking etc. High light efficiency, long life time, excellent color rendering index, stable light, no glare, energy-saving, wide range of color temperature, smooth visual feel, stable light output, etc.
Tunnel light, induction tunnel light


Induction Tunnel Light DXSD001

Materials: High pressure aluminum die-casting alloy body, High efficiency aluminum reflector, tempered glass.

Separated lamp housing and ballast for better heat dissipation and longer lifespan.Read more

Tunnel light DXSD002


Induction Tunnel lighting SNSD002

Materials: Die-casting aluminum fixture for corrosion-resistant and static-free.

High purity anodized aluminum reflector with crystal clear tempered glass for optimal light
distribution. Read more

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