Road way induction light DXLD005

Road way Light DXLD005


Road way induction light DXLD005

Model:Road way induction light DXLD005
Packing size:770×425×250mm(only for reference)
Materials:High pressure die-casting aluminum. Stylish appearance applies to many lighting stiuations;
High intensity, high temperature combered tempered glass; Electrostatic spray surface treatment technology.

Lamp and Ballast: 40-60W Rectangle induction lamps, high lighting efficiency, long lifetime, good color rendering, stable output, ect. Electronic ballast features high power factor (>0.99).
Application: Street Lighting, Roadway lighting fixtures, Walkway, Parking Lots, ect.

Sample Dimensions:
Road way Light003d

Sample Photometric:

Road way Light003p

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