LED Bulbs

LED Bulb DX-LQPD01-02


LED Bulbs DX-LQPD01-02

LED Bulb DX-LQPD01-02LED Bulb specification


1. The installation way is the same as traditional light, which can directly match with E27 and E40 lamp base.
2. Adopt medium power LED, high light efficiency and low Lumens depreciation.
3. Long lifespan: LED light source have more than 50,000 hours lifespan, which can up to 100,000 hours.
4. High energy efficiency, save energy above 90% than incandescent, over 50% than energy-saving lamps.
5. Green and environmental friendly, no pollution which accord with requirements of RoHS.

LED Bulb dimension


Sample Photometric:

LED Bulb Light Distribution Curve