LED Downlight DX-LTHD09

LED Down light DX-LTHD09


LED Downlight DX-LTHD09

LED Downlight DX-LTHD09LED Down light DX-LTHD0 specification

LED Down light DX-LTHD0 specification1


1. Cold forging type aluminum heat dissipation structure, good heat dissipation effect, small volume, light weight.
2. Using high power LED, LED light efficiency can reach 120 lm/W; The whole light efficiency can reach more than 70 lm/W.
3. Long service life. LED light source life span can be over 50,000 hours, up to 100,000 hours.
4. Green & Environment-Friendly, no pollution, comply with ROHS requirements.
5. Application: Hotel, villa, cafe, household lighting and indoor area.


LED Down light DX-LTHD08-9 dimension


Sample Photometric:
LED Down light DX-LTHD09-curve