LED T5 Tube


LED T5 tube

LED T5 Tube specification
LED T5 Tube specification1


1. Powerful adaptability. It can work properly under different extreme environment indoor and outdoor. It have highly adaptability and reliability.
2. High brightness. Use super high bright LED, the luminous efficiency of LED can up to 120 lm/W. The whole luminous efficiency of light fixture can up to 80 lm/W.
3. Long lifespan. LED light source have more than 50,000 hours lifespan, which can up to 100,000 hours.
4. Instant start. No flicker, no noise.
5. Green and environmental friendly, no pollution which accord with requirements of ROHS.
6. It is suitable for shopping mall, exhibition place, hotel, meeting room, factory, office room, residential, airport, subway station, school, hospital and other places which need energy saving and high color rendering index.
LED T5 Tube dimension

Sample Photometric:
LED T5 Tube curve