Case study LED Tunnel lighting
The total cost of ownership for the Jinjiao Tunnel was too high due to the excessive cost of relamping in a tunnel application. The city searched for more economical options and evaluated a range of LED solutions. The results concluded that Tunghsu LED luminaires offered the cost-effective solutions the city needed for energy savings, performance and little-to-no maintenance.

The city government wasted little time to upgrade all existing 100-Watt high-pressure sodium lamps in the Crocina Tunnel with LED tunnel luminaires. City officials noticed an immediate and dramatic improvement in uniformity, color, and brightness.

The City of Taiyuan was able to reduce energy usage by 61 percent by installing LED Tunnel lights. In addition to reducing energy consumption, LED luminaires deliver incredible uniformity that provides better visual perception over high-pressure sodium fixtures. The increased uniformity dramatically increases vehicle safety and visibility. With a life rating in excess of 100,000 hours, luminaires require virtually no maintenance — translating into big cost savings for the city.

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